Barrymoor's Clancy O'Toole

Macgregor son
Macgregor son Daughters of Macgregor, Rockefeller and Roman owned by Canal Labradors

Roman girl
Annie puppy
Rocky puppy
Tucker Roman son
Roscoe Roman pup
Libby Dunkin
3 generations of Ocean Spray sired labs McDonald Dogs (My Guy and Brett sons)
Angus Brett daughter with Roman pups
Brady (by Rockefeller)
Sonny x Heaven Sent Roman son
Brett x Ashlee puppy Roman puppy
My Guy puppy
Sunny x Britney
Samoset (choc) and Dalton offspring Ocean Spray Black Birch JH
Dalton Daughter Dalton Daughter
Autumn Sunrise Dalton x Jean pup
Dalton x Abby pup Dalton pup
Chantilly - Dalton pup Bali

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